For just one moment imagine a perfect world. Go ahead close your eyes right now and feel that moment. Well what if that moment could go on and on? That's what it would be like if you lived in Beverly Hills.

In Beverly Hills you will find out how valuable life can be.

In Beverly Hills you will learn that life can truly be perfect.

In Beverly Hills you will experience complete joy and bliss

Claim your destiny and begin living your perfect life one moment at a time in Beverly Hills.

Mirror Mirror "A Survival Guide to Beverly Hills" by
Candy Goldberg will guide you into true inner happiness.

There is a God and the Bible describes Heaven as having mansions in the sky. Well, Beverly Hills has the nicest mansions in the world and the finest shopping. It all makes sense, Heaven on earth is Beverly Hills.

Mirror Mirror "A Survival Guide To Beverly Hills" is a treasure and filled with secrets. This book will be one of your life's greatest gifts. It will be a source of calming wisdom. This book and will change your life and answer questions that have haunted you. It is your destiny to read this book. You are meant to have this book, or you would not have found it. Now all you need to do is reward yourself by reading it. Don't even think about coming to Beverly Hills without this book.

Lady Hannah De Rothschild (Candy's best friend)
6-06-06 Cannes France

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